First blog post

Mark 3:20-30

Jesus explains to the scribes how a house is divided and they sin by claiming Jesus’s works are of the devil.  Jesus explains that he can’t cast out demons of his own house as the scribes claim he was doing because that would weaken the house and then it would not stand.  There is an end to that house.

Jesus further explains that you must first bind the strong man of the house.  Jesus’s works weaken the house of satan.  Satan doesn’t weaken his own house.

Jesus spoke in parables to them that would not hear (Mark 4:11) but we have been given the knowledge of the kingdom of God!  Praise God for his mercy!  (Isaiah 30:8)

Jesus goes on to simply reveal to those around him at the time the simple fallacies of the scribes argument.  He also goes on to further reveal that the scribes sin greatly in presenting their argument because they were speaking against the Holy Spirit’s power!  Not only was their argument against Jesus weak but it revealed their true hearts toward hating Jesus in that they blasphemed against his authority and power.

Jesus went on the attack by saying that they were in danger of eternal damnation!  It’s just like Jesus to reveal the truth at that moment when they were cursing that very power!  Jesus reveal’s the truth!  In fact Jesus was binding satan in them by speaking the truth and in turn proving his point that a house must first have the strong man bound.  Then he spoiled their house by telling them their end!  Jesus said that blasphemy against the Holy Spirit would not be forgiven them in contrast to a man blaspheming against anything else.  The scribes said that he had an unclean spirit and in doing so blasphemed against the Holy Spirit.

Jesus was being attacked by his own family and he explained to the multitude that he who does his will is his family.  Here Jesus explains who his house is made of!



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