Wisdoms Bumps

Have you ever experienced a wisdom bump? Well they can be tough, but made to give up wisdom through experience. David Limbaugh in his book “Finding Jesus in the Old Testament” quotes Roy Gingrich as saying that “Israel in its adolescence received many wisdom bumps.” P. 49

David goes on to say that “after the Israelites disobeyed God, God illustrated his sovereignty along side the peoples accountability.” P. 46

The Israelites took some of the booty that God told them not to after conquering people and they were defeated soon after. Joshua 6:18. Israel had a long history of obeying God and the disobeying God. God used many ways to bring his people back to him.

This reminds me of when I disobeyed the Lord. He told me to quit smoking. I didn’t quit and bought a pack of cigarettes. I knew I was disobeying the Lord and the next day I totaled my car . I was Ok, But my car was totaled. I feel like God’s hand of protection was lifted. And He held me accountable for my actions. Also right before the accident, I was complaining about stuff big time. Ugh. I quit smoking right away and the Lord has blessed me ever since.

Now could this accident not been correction from the Lord – sure. But the concept is that God works it all out for our good. Trust God because he loves you.

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