All the way up and not left behind.

Praise God we’re going all the way up to the Lord because he has saved us.  He has shown his great mercy that we even turn to him at all.  This is because he first loved us. Thank you Jesus for this great salvation!

While I was reading 2 Kings 2:11-14 “And it came to pass, as they still went on, and talked, that, behold, there appeared a chariot of fire, and horses of fire, and parted them both asunder; and Elijah went up by a whirlwind into heaven.
12 And Elisha saw it, and he cried, My father, my father, the chariot of Israel, and the horsemen thereof. And he saw him no more: and he took hold of his own clothes, and rent them in two pieces.
13 He took up also the mantle of Elijah that fell from him, and went back, and stood by the bank of Jordan;”, I thought of the fiction books called “Left Behind”.

The series talks about believers clothes being left on earth while the believer goes up in the rapture.  Elijah’s coat was left behind while he went to be with the Lord.  What matters is that we are going all the way up!  Ours clothes don’t matter and we must remember that the “Left Behind” books are fiction, but it is sure interesting that Elijah’s coat got left behind!

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