4 thoughts on “On the road with the Lord!

  1. Wow, you are doing amazing work for Christ! God bless you, dear sister! My only thought is, after we give our lives over to Christ, the next step is to fix our gaze upon him, run toward him with all we have, to treasure Him and love Him, not just as our treasure in heaven, but as our treasure right here, right now in this life. So, then maybe ask if they believe this is true and if so, what might that pursuit of Christ, out of gratitude and love, look like?

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      1. Yes, and Jesus asked people many questions, too. (Who do you say that I am? Who is greatest in the kingdom of heaven? Why do you worry about clothes?) So, when we help people search their own hearts, we are following his model, too. God is a great teacher!

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  2. One more thought… another blogger shared this post about Abiding in Christ, through singing, praising him, praying, reading scriptures, listening to sermons, etc. After we give our lives to him, next we must stay connected to Him, the true Vine, to be nourished in our souls. This is a daily, day-by-day growing closer to Him, growing to be more like Him. Again, out of love and gratitude for Jesus’ sacrifice for our sins.

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