What we strive for God has already done!

I want us to think about God being our Creator and Father for a minute.  What we have forgotten he still is.  What we take for granted he still does.  Mankind strives to create what God has already done.  We try to create robots to serve and give us human like companionship.  Animals provide a sense of comfort and companionship for us already.  God has already provided us with what Hugh Ross in his book “Hidden Treasures in the book of Job” calls soulish animals.  God gave each animal traits, for example the donkey has a high sense of danger.  Remember Balaam’s donkey?

God did not create robots but he did create animals to serve and to please us. Animals like cats and dogs create great joy in our lives. I find it very interesting that God had already created animals to serve and to please us, but yet we don’t recognize him as our Creator.  People say that they don’t see God in human affairs.  Well, what they don’t recognize God created for us.  They use his creation everyday in every way.  In the Book of Job, Job says to ask the animals and they will teach and tell you about God!  Let’s remind people that when their body heals itself after being cut, that we can thank our Creator for this! And when the cut is to severe, God gave us the brains to be able to save.  You see God is here!

9 thoughts on “What we strive for God has already done!

  1. Yes!!! Thank you for speaking this truth about God’s creation. He is calling to us in so many different ways, His eternal truth in the Bible, His Son Jesus, His Holy Spirit within us AND his creation! The beauty, the majesty, the vastness, the power, the creativity, the complexity…and on and on. I am thankful He has opened our eyes to see Him. May we see Him more and more!

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