Blogger Recognition Award 2018

Thank you Eclectic Contrarian for this nomination!  I love reading your blogs!  Your post  ‘New Day’ was awesome.

I started my blog because I love Jesus and I wanted to share comments with people about God.  For new bloggers write about what you like and enjoy it.  Don’t give up and be patient.

My nominations are:


The Eclectic Contrarian

Karina’s Thought

Rejoicing In Hope

Queen Karen



The Godly Chic Diaries


Regal woman@transameagle

V Ramasamy

Praise God!!!!


4 thoughts on “Blogger Recognition Award 2018

      1. I feel like poetry is a way of expressing yourself with more freedom, fewer constraints of grammar and syntax. But for me, the biggest part of writing a poem is trying to crystallize many deep and profound thoughts and experiences into as few words as possible. Therefore, with poetry, each word is absolutely critical in telling the story. Unlike here where I’m babbling on a bit! Anyway, I praise God that these poems are stirring your heart!

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