His nickname is bucket. He walks the streets and uses free electricity for his cell where we can get it. He is nicknamed bucket because he carries a bucket on a long pole over his shoulder with water in it. He walks the streets and tries to make little bit of money by cleaning peoples windshields. He goes to church around the corner. He’s a nice man with one eye glazed over. How many Marvins do you know on the street?

Take the time to show the kindness and love of Christ to them. Have a Bible ready. The Lord is not slack as some men count slackness, but there will be a day when we will all be held accountable so make the difference today while there still time. Spread the word.

Charles Spurgeon says (quote 12:31-13:1) 1 Corinthians, “How little glory God often gets out of the great gifts! Gifts may be prostituted to the violest purposes, but love always brings glory to God’s holy name.” In Corinthians Paul was talking about spiritual gifts so let’s use our talents to help others. This is part of being a good steward.

1 Corinthians 3:8 Paul says that everyone will receive rewards for faithfulness. Those rewards are for everyone not just for those in the ministry Charles Stanley says.

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