No foundation

When witnessing I have noticed a lack of understanding of even basic Christian beliefs and terminology.  It is as if a blank stare protrudes from a face.  And then the platitudes come next.  Something has obviously changed in today’s society.  Ken Ham wrote in his book “Gospel Reset” that there is no Christian foundation in the United States like there used to be.  When I talk of the “Rapture”, a look of confusion comes across peoples faces.  This makes it hard to witness.  The church needs to teach its members not only apologetics, but how to witness starting from the beginning.  Ken Ham says start explaining the Bible from Genesis!  There is no understanding of sin, grace or propitiation coming from the cross.  What seems to have remained in peoples minds is the acknowledgement of the cross itself, but no understanding of what it means.

Let’s pray America returns to Christ!

6 thoughts on “No foundation

  1. Great post. It’s one thing for those who aren’t saved and have no former church/Christian fundamentals, but I’ve noticed a lack of common knowledge in those who have went to church most all their lives…

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      1. Yes, it has.. how can the church witness when they don’t know what they’re witnessing about? But there again, it’s not being emphasized to witness.

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  2. Your words are so very true. Wow. We truly need to begin at square one, “Is there a God? How do we know this? How do we know Christianity is true? What is sin? What are the consequences of sin before a holy God? How does anyone get to heaven?” Etc., etc. These are big questions. Not easy to dig deep enough in a passing conversation. But every seed that is planted is still a seed. God is greater than all our obstacles. He only needs a small crack in the door of the heart to shine His light in. You are right, this is where our big job is to pray!

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