Our wisdom and Satan’s plan

Peter asked Jesus not to face death on the cross and the Lord rebuked him.  Mark 8:33

Satan asked Jesus to except his bargain offer thereby escaping death on the cross and being given all the nations.  Matthew 4:1-11

The two plans man’s wisdom and Satan’s schemes were in unison. Stay close to the word and obey Jesus and then our wisdom will not be in unison with Satan’s schemes.

This is why we need the Lord deeply guiding us every day. Before we became Christians we were groomed by this world thinking we were right in our own eyes.  Even now as Christians we need to have a close relationship with Christ so he can teach us anew!

The Institute for Creation Research “Days of Praise” for October 6th says,

The steadfast “dwelling” in Christ promises to produce a confidence in our eternal relationship—the word choice especially emphasizes freedom in speaking, an unreservedness in speech. As Peter freely spoke at Pentecost (Acts 2:29) and the disciples received boldness to speak the Word of God (Acts 4:31), so our “plainness of speech” (2 Corinthians 3:12) in witnessing sets the stage for our “boldness in the day of judgment” (1 John 4:17).

So not only staying close to God produces fruit while on this earth, but also boldness in the day of judgment!  Praise God!

Let’s keep praying for each other!

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