A bottle in the smoke

Psalms 119 speaks of a bottle in the smoke.  People would hang leather bottles from their ceiling and smoke from the fire would rise up and blacken the bottles.  The Psalms goes on to say that even though we are considered as bottles holding the life water in ourselves, we become worn because this is not our world.  But we don’t forget the Lord precepts. How merciful and great our creator is, how real and apt to swiftly aid us. How good God is to those who call upon him. As I read Psalms it is very uplifting and  encouraging.  It talks about situations we experience today. So if you know anyone who needs to be lifted up, tell them to read Psalms. It is a beautiful reflection of our God saving us!

Also, Please pray for Andrew!  He is homeless and needs new shoes.  Tears came out so fast from his eyes, I was troubled.  He pointed to where he was sleeping and later when I was bringing him shoes, I could not find him.  So please pray that I can find Andrew!  Thank you so much!  And pray for his broken spirit that is crying out for help.  Thank you.


Photo by Heorhii Heorhiichuk from Pexels



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