The Savanna Principle

Satoshi Kanazawa in his book, “The Intelligence Paradox” reviews what he calls the Savanna Principle.  He says it can also be called the evolutionary legacy hypothesis or the mismatch hypothesis.  He says that our brain doesn’t know that what we are watching is not real.  We may know that the people on tv are not real, but our brain feels like they are our real friends.  He goes on to say that is why we may cry at a sad movie.  Consciously we know it isn’t real, but does our brain know this?  Be careful what you watch and put into your mind!!  We also don’t want to get used to evil so that when the time comes to deny evil it, we think it is ok.  But besides this the savanna principle shows that pornography and other images/pictures can be dangerous.  Serve God.  Let’s pray for each other to keep our eyes on Jesus!


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