So while shopping in Home Depot tonight in Baltimore four guys came into the store and acting like they were shooting people off. I was one of them. They had white full body suits on only showing a little of their face with dark sunglasses. One guy turned to me and acted like he was killing me. The cops were called and they left the store. I’m a little bit shaken after everything that has gone on in the world and to actually have something like that happen to you is really weird. Say a prayer for me and all those others that were at the Home Depot store who experience the same thing that I did and pray that the Lord catches these four guys

10 thoughts on “Scared

  1. In the name of Jesus, I curse the trauma spirit and command it t leave you, now! The peace of God that is yours through Christ Jesus will guard your heart and mind. The glory and light of the ressurection power that raised Jesus from the dead, heals all the soul wounds caused by this incident. The love of God surrounds you with the love of God and casts out all fear. God’s love amd his angels protect you! Amen

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