Street Faith and Works is a non-profit corporation that intents to help the homeless population in Baltimore.  It is our goal to meet some monetary needs (care packets) and Bibles.  SFW would like to grow as a non-profit organization to get involved in efforts to help the homeless on a larger scale in the future.  It is also the goal of SFW to reach as many as possible with the word of God by handing out bibles and Christian flyers.  With such a great need, we can’t neglect our duty to help our fellow mankind at every opportunity that God provides.

People are downtrodden and sometimes end up on the street.  Added to their given situation is a spirit of depression that invades the mind and such hopelessness needs God’s intervention. It is our hope and prayer at SFW to be used by God as much as possible.  While the need is too great to reach all  , we need not refrain from reaching those around us.  Organizations and churches have long since aided the homeless population and together with God’s help we can win souls for Christ.  Lifting them up to the status of knowing that God loves them deeply will promote the individual to gain a foot to a higher place in their life and in society.

The SMI (Severely mentally Ill) population often times ends up on the streets.  They deal with many issues that would be hard for any person.

  • No or little health care (Somatic or Physiatric)
  • No family
  • No employment
  • Current cardiovascular disease risks and many illness.
  • Non-medication compliance
  • Mental illness symptoms
  • No housing
  • Little or no education

Those who have a mental illness need God’s salvation just as much as anyone else.  Many believe in God, but need guidance on understanding the Bible.  While dealing with mental illness and its symptoms it can leave a person bewildered on his or her relationship with God.  Patience and love towards people struggling with mental illness while understanding their situation can empower individuals to seek God and to know his will for their lives.  Many individuals have questions about God who need to know that while they have a mental illness God is real and loves them.  We don’t need to drive these individuals away by labeling them “crazy” because they believe in God and feel that God has spoken to them.  Often times in the normal community churches individuals with mental illness are not understood and the teaching and preaching doesn’t accommodate the needs of these people.  While they are still hearing the word of God, an answer and question atmosphere would allow them to gain knowledge and express their feeling which they want to earnestly do.  Still most individuals don’t have even a family or church to go to.

Lord, Help us to understand your will in reaching many different street people and guide us to grow in helping them as you see fit.  Thank you Lord

Please pray that God’s will is done in SFW.  Thank you

Romans 15:1 “We then that are strong ought to bear the infirmities of the weak, and not to please ourselves.”

We have added in our flyers mental health hotline information in hopes that someone will have the needed information to reach out and get help.